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Whether you have been the victim of a malware attack or perhaps somebody played a prank on you, there are instances when you need to make alterations to the host files on your own computer.Hosts File Editor is a small utility that allows you to easily and freely manage the access to sites and network traffic by manually editing the server files.

Hosts File Editor Plus

Although it is not appealing, the UI is user-friendly

The setup is fast, uneventful and doesn’t need any special attention on your part, as all you need to do is decompress the archive in almost any desired location on your hard disk. While the program comes with a somewhat outdated and old-school interface, it is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Whilst from the left panel you can preview the list of hostnames that you’re able to install or install, the ideal pane involves the choices as well as several rapid action buttons. A notable feature is that you could reset the server document back to the default with only one click, an alternative that can surely come in handy if you are not entirely sure about what you’re doing.

Allows you to flush DNS cache and block websites

Along with creating alterations to the server files, the program includes several other handy functions which you may take advantage of when tweaking your system traffic.

For starters, you are able to upgrade and disable or allow the host documents that you have to monitor rigorously. In addition, the utility permits you to flip the DNS service on and off and flush the cache when you observe that the traffic and transfer rates are slow.

Lastly, the app provides you with quick buttons to block servers from several applications’ servers which could be taking a lot of your bandwidth. More importantly, it is possible to block telemetry, Microsoft, Adobe or Corel servers as well as various social networks or adult content sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Redtube, such as.

An intuitive tool for editing host files

In the eventuality wish to have more control within the network traffic by changing, deleting, updating, downloading, installing and resetting host files, then perhaps Hosts File Editor Full can lend you a hand.

Hosts File Editor Plus Features:

  • Restore hosts file from a backup
  • Create new hosts file ( If the hosts file does not exist – C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ )
  • Import file (.txt)
  • Export hosts file
  • Add blank row
  • Add a comment (#)
  • Properties (hosts file)
  • Search items
  • Replace IP ( —> ; —> and custom )
  • Edit selected comment (#) – (to enable double-click on the item …)
  • Delete duplicates items
  • Comment selected

Whats New in Hosts File Editor Plus 1.5.7

  • The program translated into Turkish (thanks to the Mustafa Nazmi Özdemir from
  • Adana – Turkey).
  • Program translated into Dutch (thanks to the John Korpershoek – Netherland).
  • Prevent duplicate execute of this the Program.

How to Download Hosts File Editor Plus?

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